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Quality, purity, craft, and going gently on the Earth.  That is what guides us at Little Farm.  


We use only one thing to make our maple syrup (maple sap from only our own trees), and one thing in our honey (the honey we get from our own beehives.)  We aren't all that concerned about how much we make, but we care passionately about how good we make it. 


We take only what Nature gives us.  We don't try to force things.  And so we never - ever - ever - have any need for anything that might "help things along", like vacuum pumps and plastic tubing, reverse osmosis machines, and filter presses.  

We collect our maple sap in jugs, one tree at a time.  We simmer our maple syrup in an old-fashioned, low-tech stainless steel pan, making one small batch at a time.  We use only gravity to clear our syrup.  All this so we don't need defoamers, line conditioners, citric acid, propylene glycol, "membrane preservative", filter aids, and other stuff that is creeping into maple syrup-making.  


These additives and chemicals are all considered "food grade".  But frankly it's hard to know their original source and that doesn't give us a very warm feeling inside - so we've found a way to simply not need them.  We are very mindful of the fact that anything added to the sap is concentrated forty times in the finished syrup. 

Our honey is unfiltered honey straight from the hives.  All we use is a hand-cranked spinner and a sieve, leaving little particles of beeswax and bee propolis; the "wonder substance", mixed in.  We don't blend it, we don't pasteurize it, we don't stabilize it, we simply package it in sterile glass jars.  We have over 100 varieties of flowering plants growing on our pastures, giving our honey an amazing variety of phytonutrients and a deep, rich flavor.

Little Farm is now net carbon-negative, thanks to a 16000kWh solar array and over 25 acres of Northern Maple/Birch/Beech forest.  We practice organic gardening techniques in our vegetable gardens, as do our neighbors. 


“I think your syrup is awesome” – Tony S. (4/6/22)

“I had to stop eating your maple syrup or there wouldn’t be any for Tracey to try! “  Tony S. (4/11/22)

“Received it last week. Beautiful bottling and gorgeous syrup. Used it in baked beans.”  John G. (4/10/22)

The syrup arrived today.  Such beautiful packaging!  I can’t wait to try it on acorn squash and buckwheat pancakes.  Sue M. (2022)

“Last year I delved into make a small bit of maple syrup so I can appreciate first-hand the amount of labor (and sap!) that goes into making a QUART of syrup!  Wow! “  Brian W. (2022)

Because we don't make very much, we sell out quickly each year.

So if you're interested in our products, please place your order today.


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