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Breakfast and Brunch

We often think of maple syrup and honey at breakfast time – the former drizzled on golden pancakes and crispy waffles and the latter slathered on buttered toast.  But really, that’s just the beginning! These recipes honor the traditional uses (with slight variations), but also offer simple suggestions for using honey and maple syrup in other breakfast delights!

fennel maple sausage.jpg

Fennel Maple Sausage

Our younger son, Tim, used to refer to foods that were rich and varied in flavors as “dancing on his palate.” Combining the unusual taste of fennel with the wonderful taste of maple syrup, who knows what your palate will do??

greek yougurt pancakes.jpg
Honey buns.jpg

Greek Yogurt Pancakes

We have spent many a Saturday morning savoring these pancakes over a pot of breakfast tea.  Who knew a pancake could be so light and fluffy – with only ½ cup of flour?

Honey Buns

You may need to plan ahead a bit to make these honey buns since they will have to rise, but they are so worth it!  Who can resist a warm and gooey breakfast bun straight from the oven?

Honey french toast.jpg

Honey French Toast

French Toast is always a delightful breakfast alternative in our home.  Surely the flavors will be deepened and enriched with either strong or mild honey – a real treat!

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