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More like Vermont than Maine!

After a long dry spell, it has been snowing and snowing - and

snowing these last weeks in the Western Maine foothills. For the past two weeks it seems as though we wake every day to flurries at least, if not a full-blown snow. Our two-foot long snow gauge will be completely buried beneath the foot-plus of snow that is forecast for this weekend. Needless-to-say, when the skies are leaden gray and the temperature stays at or below freezing, there is no sap flow. We haven't fired up the evaporation pan in well over a week now.

This makes me recall my time as the Campus Chaplain at the University of Vermont back in the 70's. It seems as though snow fell gently every day, punctuated by heavier snowstorms in between. That is what we've been experiencing here. This is lovely, but very unusual for this part of Maine. We'll have to see how long it lasts...


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