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When you think about using maple syrup or honey in a beverage, many people limit themselves to a maple martini or traditional alcoholic mead.  However, there are many ways that honey or maple syrup can brighten up a beverage any time of the year. These recipes are for non-alcoholic drinks, but the addition of a splash of your favorite spirits is entirely possible.

maple syrup eggnog.jpg

Maple Syrup Eggnog

Nancy loves eggnog at the holiday season, particularly Christmas Eve when the house is quiet late at night, and the tree lights glow.  Adding a touch of Little Farm maple syrup would bring back welcome memories of boiling down sap on a sunny February day, one of the very first signs of spring on the farm.

Maple Latte.jpg


Stopping at Starbuck’s isn’t the only way to get a latte.  You can make your own following this easy recipe – and spice it up with the rich taste of maple syrup!

honey rosemary eggnog.jpg


Imagine a hot summer day.  Now imagine the cool freshness of lemonade, but not just any lemonade.  Imagine the sparkle of seltzer water, the sweetness of  honey complementing the sour taste of newly squeezed lemons – and a mysterious and unusual hint of rosemary….It’s all right here!

Mayday non-alchoholic meade.jpg


Probably the world's oldest alcoholic drink, mead is essentially fermented honey and water and has a long and glorious history, possibly beginning in India some 4000 years ago.  This mead is non-alcoholic and includes a variety of warm spices and the coolness of citrus.

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